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International Student Barometer™ and Student Barometer™

Our flagship service delivers greater insight, learning and benefit from your international student population than any other survey in the world. With feedback from over one million students and benchmarks drawn from hundreds of the world’s leading universities, the ISB enables you to make informed decisions to improve the whole student experience.

What is the International Student Barometer?

The ISB tracks decision-making, expectations, perceptions and intentions of international students from application to graduation; providing global, regional and customised benchmarks. At the core of the ISB is an online questionnaire, customised and adapted to your institution, reflecting your academic structure, student services and infrastructure. The survey is completed by your students across all levels and all years of study.

Students respond in confidence to i-graduate. Responses are analysed and aggregated to deliver comparative insights, reported back in confidence to you. A growing number of universities have
extended the process to include all students, streamlining internal surveys into a single All Student Barometer (SB).

How can the ISB directly benefit an institution?

The ISB gives international students a medium to tell you what matters most and what they think of their experience. The findings can be used to inform your recruitment and retention strategies, review all aspects of the student experience and deploy resources effectively.

If you are committed to enhancing the international student experience in these highly competitive times, participation in the ISB is essential. Analysis is provided by field and level of study, and nationality. The reporting process enables you to track changes in decision-making, expectations, perceptions and intentions over time. The results enable you to evaluate and adapt your recruitment and marketing by student type. Across the university, insights into 80 measures of the whole student experience, benchmarked externally, enable you to focus departmental and managerial attention on changing perceptions. This allows you to identify priority areas for investment and allocate resources more effectively. The internationalisation of higher education has inspired a new worldwide ‘war for talent.’ Competitive advantage can only be sustained by attracting the best students.

For some institutions the financial dimension is also increasingly important as international students invest billions of pounds in their learning experience. These students have a world of choice and few will decide without finding out what the experience is like today. So the current student experience becomes critical to the success of future student recruitment.

What you can expect to receive

You will receive bespoke survey results covering all aspects of the student experience,benchmarked and ranked against agreed indices, plus searchable student comments.

You will receive:
• Personalised online survey development,launch and hosting, plus all administration
• Detailed analysis by discipline, level of study and nationality
• Results benchmarked against competitorgroups, national and international indices
• A full set of verbatim comments from your students in a searchable format,sorted by nationality or field of study.
Personal details are removed to ensure confidentiality
• A face-to-face presentation or a webcast report-back from a senior member of the i-graduate team, highlighting important issues, insights and results
• Aggregated responses from all participating institutions to provide you with a substantive insight into the global picture. Delivered in the form of an interactive map of the world, you can explore which nationalities of students are most satisfied, how decision-making and influences differ by nationality and the spread of expectations and intentions for international students in your country.

Adopting the ISB means you derive greater value, year on year.

How you can take part

Participation is easy and requires minimal time from your side.
• You start by completing a simple registration form
• Your personal account manager will send a welcome email and a time-line. The account manager will then be on hand throughout the process to answer your queries
• We provide a simple form for you to complete which enables us to personalise the survey instrument to reflect the terminology and characteristics of your accommodation options, campuses, faculties, departments,schools and support services
• There is also the option to include additional questions at a nominal cost. To enable benchmarking and comparison, core elements of the learning and living experience are pre-set
• Prior to the launch, you receive a link to your customised online questionnaire, which you distribute via email to your students. We help with the wording to maximise the response, based on our
experience of thousands of student surveys across 1,200 institutions
• The i-graduate research team manages and monitors all data collection and analysis, reporting back in confidence against your agreed benchmarks and indices

Your invitation to join

For more information or to register your interest in the next wave of the International Student Barometer or Student Barometer, please contact