Nannette Ripmeester

Director of Client Services, Europe


Nannette Ripmeester is an internationally acclaimed expert on making a success of the international experience. After obtaining an MA degree from the University of Amsterdam, she started her international career at the European Commission in Brussels in the area of Labour Mobility and worked herself in 17 countries on a project basis. In 1992 Nannette founded Expertise in Labour Mobility, which specialises in advice and information regarding graduate recruitment and provides solutions for international labour mobility.

Nannette is the co-author of 36 career books for young professionals, part of the “Looking for work in...” series , which covers job hunting practices and cultural management differences. Given Nannette’s experiences in several European countries, speaking four different languages and working in an international team, Nannette understands what drives international graduates. Hence her role for i-graduate does not come as a surprise. From the early days of i-graduate, Nannette has been the Director of Client Services Europe, combining knowledge of the Higher Education field with insights into the practicalities of international mobile people.