Since 2007 we have partnered with ICEF to enable us to conduct regular agent opinion studies.

With input from ICEF into the content of the survey, we identify what agents see as the most effective marketing strategies for education institutions and what institutions need to provide in terms of support for the agents they work with. The study also gauges the attractiveness of international study destinations as perceived by agents recruiting for a range of study programmes.


  • Market your institution more effectively through agents

  • Build mutually beneficial relationships with your global network of agents

  • Understand agents’ opinions, practices and motivations

  • Understand the services that agents provide to students and which ones they charge for

  • See how your institution compares in terms of the level of supports and incentives it provides to agents

  • Understand the evolving role played by agents in students’ decisions on choosing a study destination and an institution

Scope of survey 

  • Number of students recruited by agents each year  
  • Programmes which students recruited by agents study 
  • Decision-making factors when choosing a study destination and an institution 
  • Incentives and support institutions provide to agents 
  • How education institutions can market themselves more efficiently 
  • Services agents provide to students and which ones they charge for 


  • The survey is built online by i-graduate with input from ICEF into the content of the survey 
  • A single survey link is sent to ICEF which is distributed to their network 
  • Our i-graduate Project Manager manages and monitors all data collection and analysis 


Data is benchmarked against the year-on-year data.  Presentations will include information on student recruitment, student mobility concerns, attractiveness of study destinations and agent incentives and support provided by institutions to education agents.