The COVID-19 Response Barometer is a global, free of charge exercise helping Higher Education Institutions understand and compare their students' perception of the institution's response to the pandemic.

The survey brings to the surface student perceptions around communications; the often rapidly formed online delivery; and their worries or concerns as the situation quickly evolves. It is designed for minimum impact on institutions' resources, requiring institutions to share their specific survey link with their students; i-graduate does the rest, including delivering a live online dashboard of results.

The insight we deliver will reveal how your institution is performing against others in Higher Education, and answers questions such as:


  • “How has our response to COVID-19 been received by our students?”
  • “How are we performing compared to other institutions?”
  • "Is there a difference between the experiences of our domestic and international students?”
  • “Is any part of our student population not receiving adequate communications?"
  • "How satisfied are students with the information being provided?"

Join Higher Education institutions globally in this important and beneficial exercise.