i-graduate have worked with over 300 Higher Education institutions across Europe. We provide a range of tools and customised services to assist these institutions in providing the finest student experience.

The Student Barometer (SB) and International Student Barometer (ISB) are the main tools in use across Europe enabling institutions to benchmark their performance against competitors.

We have set up national contracts with Spain, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Germany, providing a range of services focusing on the international and the domestic student experience. We are also active in Italy, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium.

We work with Nuffic, Holland, providing insight into the decision-making process of prospective students around the world. This allows Nuffic to strategise their marketing efficiently. 

We have worked closely with the HRK and DAAD in Germany to conduct the International Student Barometer and publish reports of their outcomes.
Click here to read these reports.  Report 4 - a guide to enhancing the international student experience in Germany - is available in English and German. Report 8 - international students living in Germany - is in German. 

For a full list of our services click here.

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