i-graduate has worked with institutions across Asia since 2006, to improve understanding of the student experience and inform strategic decision making.

We work in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.

The Student Barometer™ has become a fixed and important part of the internal review and benchmarking process for many educational partners. Our access to data across all sectors has allowed us to work with government bodies and national organisations to provide valuable insights into key trends in the industry. 

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Across Asia we have worked with:

National Governments 
Representative bodies of public and private universities 
Over 50 universities such as National University of Singapore, Peking University,
Hong Kong University, Mahidol University and University Malaya 
International schools and colleges 

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Improving student experience, satisfaction & recommendation in ASEAN institutions

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How do the satisfaction levels and perceptions of international students in Malaysia compare with other education destinations?

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Sunway University | Siti Fariza Mohd Dahlan, Director of University Services

“I cannot recommend i-graduate Student Barometer highly enough – and not just for the significant time-savings it provides. It generates a wealth of data, and when you zoom in on the details of the student feedback, you’ll see just how valuable this tool is. For example, we used the feedback this year to improve the integration of our international students with the local students. Student feedback plays a pivotal role in improving the overall student experience in the University.”

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