With increasing expectations of growth and internationalisation, it is vital to understand and compare resources, performance and returns on investment in international recruitment.

BiO compares your international operations across a number of key indicators including cost of international operations, staffing numbers, support services and recruitment costs.


  • Establish the return on investment from your recruitment channels

  • Highlight current successes

  • Attract additional funding

  • Understand operational strengths and weaknesses in each key source country

  • Evaluate strategy with objective and comparative data

  • Improve allocation of resources by comparing against the competition and across key source countries

Survey scope 

  • Functions and structures of International Offices 
  • Staffing of marketing, enquiries, admissions and compliance 
  • Admissions policies, procedures, turnaround times and quotas 
  • International student services 
  • Costs of recruiting for key source countries 
  • Conversion rates 
  • Cost of international operation 


All reporting is aggregated and anonymised so that individual competitors cannot be identified. In our reporting to you, your own key indicators are compared against the sector indices. Reporting is by a range of measures including source country and level of study. 

We provide you with a range of visuals to demonstrate the performance of your institution.