Over 50 universities and colleges, across Canada and the United States, are now using the International Student Barometer™ (ISB), our benchmarking tool measuring international student satisfaction. 

We work with individual universities to survey their international students, on everything from the arrival experience to academics, and benchmark the results against other schools in the U.S. and around the world.

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Who we work with

Our U.S. clients include leading public and private universities, such as Northwestern University, University of Minnesota, Northeastern University and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. i-graduate is also proud to partner with The Center for Studies in Higher Education at University of California Berkeley to run the international component of the Survey of Engagement at Research Universities.


Relevant publications

Institutional Satisfaction and Recommendation: What Really Matters to International Students?

(Peer-reviewed article by Ravi Ammigan, OJED, 2019)

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Improving the Student Experience: Learning From a Comparative Study of International Student Satisfaction

(by Ravi Ammigan and Elspeth Jones, 2018)

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University of Delaware International Student Experience Report 2018



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Improving the student experience, satisfaction and recommendation of your institution

This 45-minute webinar looks at how leading Higher Education Institutions use the world’s largest benchmark of student experience, the International Student Barometer, to ensure their strategies improve the student experience and the reputation of their institution. (With St Francis Xavier University and Memorial University of Newfoundland.)


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Indiana University

"Over the years we've been able to successfully use this information to help drive change and improvement through application and offer, arrival and first night experiences, registration, and worship facilities, amongst others. "

Paul Butler, Director, Administration and Finance, Office of International Services

DePaul University

"The Barometer has motivated us to take concrete actions to improve the experience of our international students, year over year. Our first arrival approach and overall orientation process have significantly changed because of the feedback we got from the Barometer."

GianMario Besana, Associate Provost for Global Engagement and Online Learning

University of Delaware

"he ISB provides university administrators, practitioners, and researchers with a platform to make evidence-based recommendations and informed decisions in enhancing the international student experience with various aspects of the institutional setting. It can serve as an impactful, data-driven tool that helps foster meaningful collaborations across campus as part of a comprehensive support model for new and continuing international students"

Dr. Ravi Ammigan, Associate Deputy Provost for International Programs

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