i-graduate’s Benchmarking Learning Abroad studies enable institutions to quantify their outbound student mobility programmes and associated resourcing and benchmark against those of key comparator groups.

Continuing participation provides institutions and relevant organisations, such as national and state governments and institutional alliances, with insights over time into the changing nature of and demand for learning abroad programmes and the resources needed to be successful.


  • Assess your programme

    Measure and benchmark your outbound learning abroad programme

  • Understand trends

    Understand trends in outbound student mobility demand to inform programme development

  • Grow knowledge

    Grow institutional knowledge of and support for contemporary learning abroad programmes

  • Evaluate programmes

    Evaluate existing programmes through external measurement and benchmarking
  • Be more competitive

    Examine your institution’s competitive position in outbound student mobility offerings

  • Objectively allocate resources

    Quantify and compare funding and staff resources dedicated to outbound student mobility

i-graduate has successfully conducted the Australian University International Directors Forum (AUIDF) Benchmarking Learning Abroad study since 2015. This study provides participating AUIDF members and the Australian Government with key data to quantify and better understand the learning abroad experiences of students enrolled with Australian universities.

Scope of survey 

  • Access to learning abroad programmes
  • Type of student (domestic, Indigenous, international)
  • Level of study
  • Type of programme
  • Destinations
  • Durations
  • Disciplines
  • Credit status
  • Third Party Provider involvement
  • Minority group student participation
  • Funding sources and values
  • Staffing

The process 

  • Survey process requiring collation of relevant student and institutional-level data by your team
  • Dedicated i-graduate Account Manager
  • Online survey and data sheet submission
  • Online portal reporting

The deliverables

  • Online survey and data submission development, launch and hosting, plus all administration
  • Confidential and customised reporting for each participating institution
  • Detailed analysis by level of study, student type, experience duration, destination, minority group participation, funding type and staffing
  • Customised nature of data collection enables analysis of identified focus cohorts and/or mobility programmes
  • Results benchmarked against competitor groups
  • Consultation with a senior member of the i-graduate team, highlighting important issues, insights and results