i-graduate has worked with over 350 Higher Education institutions across Europe, providing a range of tools and customised services to assist European institutions in providing the finest student experience.

Understanding the reasons why international students choose your institution and knowing what makes them recommend their experience to other (prospective) students is key for the work we do within Europe. We work with international offices, with M&R experts, and with communication and career offices to maximise the findings of the surveys we run within Europe. 

The Student Barometer (SB) and International Student Barometer (ISB) are the main tools being used across Europe enabling institutions to benchmark their performance in learning, living and support services against competitors.  

Our work with national governments has allowed national Higher Education bodies to strategise their national marketing, making use of the insights into the decision-making processes of international students. At the heart of our work is understanding what students value most and where improvements can be made to safeguard the best student experience.

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Improving the student experience, satisfaction and recommendation of your institution

This 45-minute webinar looks at how leading Higher Education Institutions use the world’s largest benchmark of student experience, the International Student Barometer, to ensure their strategies improve the student experience and the reputation of their institution. (With Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and Universiteit Twente)


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We have set up national contracts with:

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, The Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden, providing a range of services focusing on the international and the domestic student experience. i-graduate is also active in Belgium, France, Italy, and Luxembourg. 

To see the GATE-Germany 2018/19 report 'At-a'glance' findings, click on the below:

Click here for the full report: The International study Experience in Germany


Arnim Heinemann | Bayreuth University

“The ISB is a very useful instrument for a university in many ways. Firstly, it helps you with the internal conversation in your own institution. You can have a conversation with other units, both academic and administrative, backed up by data. The ISB gives you evidence of what works and what does not work within your institution. Secondly, it provides you with a way of interacting with your customers – the international students. Thirdly, at the academic level you are able to raise awareness among professors about what works well in learning and where improvements can be made. And last, but certainly not least, it is good to know where you stand as an institution in a competitive

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Dr Nesrin Calagan | GATE-Germany

"As an international benchmark study, the ISB offers the DAAD and the German universities the possibility to compare their own status quo with a European and global comparison. Findings from the ISB offer universities new food for thought, in order to match the international students with the appropriate host universities and thus ensure their academic success.” 

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