The Global Education Profiler (GEP) has been developed by the University of Warwick to focus on the factors that lead to ‘community internationalisation’, such as levels of intercultural interaction and integration across the diverse university community.

It identifies and benchmarks the quality of the global learning environment students are experiencing. In doing so, it identifies opportunities to develop global graduate skills and achieve more meaningful internationalisation.

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  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your internationalisation strategy.

  • Develop the learning environments that lead to improved student experience.

  • Evaluate and benchmark internationalisation across your network of universities.

  • Enable programmes to create global students, improving their employability prospects.

  • Prioritise effort, optimise resource allocation and enhance satisfaction.

  • Increase student satisfaction and staff-student engagement.

  • Compare your university against peers and best practice benchmarks.

  • Highlight areas for development of your internationalisation.

Professor D. Donoghue | Executive Board Member of the Coimbra Group

“There is a notable lack of evidence that can be used to assess and benchmark performance in internationalisation. We selected the GEP as the best available tool of its kind to help our members benchmark in key areas relevant to the development of students in culturally diverse universities.”

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Internationalisation paper

Overcoming inertia and evolving institutions’ level of internationalisation to meet the need for better global graduates

In this paper, we investigate this fundamental challenge faced by the Higher Education sector, reporting on the steps being taken by researchers and institutions to advance their understanding of the conditions required to meet the growing need for global graduates.


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