Adopted by over 100 English language centres and schools

The English Language Barometer is an adapted version of the Student Barometer designed  specifically to measure the English language learner experience and identify areas of key importance to English language students. Available in nine languages, it also helps identify whether students would recommend their English Language centre to others, and identify aspects of the experience that can influence recommendation.


  • Evaluate and enhance the English language student experience

  • Identify your Centre’s competitive strengths and weaknesses

  • Understand differences in experience between different groups of students

  • Develop evidence-based targeted communications to prospective students

  • Inform your recruitment strategies

  • Optimise resource allocation

"The feedback we received, particularly regarding ‘Learning’, is by far the most positive I’ve seen in terms of both ranking and base score. It paints a picture of how the College continues to provide an excellent student experience.”

– Duncan Perrin, Manager, Strategic Projects and Teacher Development

Scope of survey 

  • Decision-making and influencers
  • Agents and application
  • Arrival and orientation
  • The learning experience
  • The living experience
  • Support and wellbeing
  • Recommendation
  • Future plans


  • The survey is built online by Tribal i-graduate, with input from relevant regional/national English language centre bodies.
  • A unique survey link is produced for each participating language centre, displaying the relevant centre name and logo throughout.
  • Your Tribal i-graduate Project Manager monitors response rates throughout the survey live period and alerts centres where additional promotion is required.




National/Group Level:

  • Raw data - De-identified survey data, with data key, to facilitate analysis.
  • Presentation report - PowerPoint format showing project findings.
  • Executive summary – written report describing key findings and conclusions.
  • Min/max report - Summary report showing minimum and maximum scores for each applicable survey element alongside de-identified centre scores.
  • Ranking grid - De-identified ranking grid showing performance of all participating centres.
  • Summary sheet – Satisfaction scores for each element against an index(es).

Participating Language Centres/Schools:

  • Summary sheet - Satisfaction scores for each element against an index(es).
  • De-identified ranking grid - showing centre performance against all participating institutions.
  • A copy of the national/group presentation report.
  • A copy of the national/group level executive summary.


Download the 2023 Global Student Experience report
- includes  a special report for English Australia's English Language Barometer survey (see p46)

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