Over 50 universities and colleges, across Canada and the United States, are now using the International Student Barometer™ (ISB), our benchmarking tool measuring international student satisfaction.

We work with both individual universities as well as regional bodies such as Edunova t​o survey their international students, on everything from the arrival experience to academics, and benchmark the results against other schools in ​regional, national and global level.

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The International Student Barometer™ (ISB)

is the main tool being used across Canada enabling institutions to benchmark their performance in learning, living and support services against regional, national and global competitors.  

Our work in Canada has a strong regional focus, working with for instance the Ontario Colleges and regional bodies such as EduNova for the Atlantic Provinces. In Atlantic Canada our work is providing strong results for the attraction and retention of international talent to the region. For the Nova Scotia region international education is the second largest export sector and thus vital for the sustainability and growth of the province. Therefore, it is key to understand the issues that impact international students’ experiences on campus.Years of ISB data have helped to strengthen the regional marketing, making use of the insights into the decision-making processes of international students. At the heart of our work is understanding what students value most and where improvements can be made to safeguard the best student experience.

Improving the student experience, satisfaction and recommendation of your institution 

This 45-minute webinar looks at how leading Higher Education Institutions use the world’s largest benchmark of student experience, the International Student Barometer, to ensure their strategies improve the student experience and the reputation of their institution. 

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Université Laval

Nicole Lacasse, Associate Vice-rector for Academic and International Activities

"International students are important because of their diversity of origin. For the development of research, it is very important to have people with different basic knowledge because they look at things in different ways. It also develops a better experience in class for Canadian students and they learn how to work with people from other cultures."

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Nicole Johnson-Morrison, President and CEO

"EduNova Co-operative Ltd has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with i-graduate. Our organization engaged ISB to support our understanding of student perceptions when considering studying at an institution in Atlantic Canada. Through the complex measurement of international students' satisfaction, decision drivers and student motivations, we were provided valuable insights that gave us an excellent and comprehensive profile of our key differentiators identified by international students."

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