The Global Education Profiler (GE-P) 

Benchmark and understand the level of internationalisation within your Higher Education institution. 

Employers seek global graduates who are culturally aware and able to thrive and perform in a multicultural working environment.

Higher Education institutions therefore need to deliver a learning environment that proactively supports and enhances the development of internationalised students.

The Global Education Profiler (GE-P) provides a competency-based framework enabling you to demonstrate the drive towards improved employability, measure progress and compare against a global
benchmark, with support along the way to plan and track improvement.

The GE-P measures the gap between what students find important and value, and what they receive.


The GE-P was developed and designed by Helen Spencer-Oatey and Daniel Dauber, Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick. The study is administered by i-graduate, the international, market-leading student experience benchmarking and analysis provider.


• Enables a programme to create global students, improving their employability
• Comparison against peers and best practice benchmarks 
• Highlights areas for development of internationalisation:
Shows what students value and find important
Shows gap between desired and actual experience enabling focused improvement
Professional development of academic and support staff

• Competency based internationalisation framework
• Measures campus-wide internationalisation
• Provides a benchmark against other education institutions
• Detailed feedback and analysis of scores and what that means to you and your students / staff
• We survey staff (academic and professional) and students

Topics covered for staff
1. Workplace life
2. Intercultural development opportunities
3. Intercultural competence
4. Teaching and learning
5. International collaborations
6. Workplace engagement

Topics covered for students
1. Social integration
2. Academic integration
3. Language skills
4. Communication skills
5. Global Development Opportunities

  • Contact your regional representative and return your registration form
  • Your dedicated i-graduate account manager will contact you with a terminology change form to personalise the survey
  • i-graduate build and host the online survey and collect the data
  • Results are disseminated by school, faculty and department, subject to response

Reporting Includes:

  • Students’ aspirations and experience of integrating into the educational community
  • Students’ aspirations and experience of developing ‘global graduate’ skills
  • The size and direction of any gap between students’ aspirations and experiences 

Deliverables will include: 

  • Interact - our dynamic data visualisation tool, enabling you to drill down into the results
  • Summary sheet
  • Comments file
  • Pivot table
  • University Breakdown Sheet

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